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5 Most Effective Martial Arts For Self-Defense


The most unfortunate thing when it comes to martial arts is that a great number of people only turn to them after they had a traumatic experience or felt that their life was in danger. Martial arts can serve as a skill to be used in self-defense, but they are also an incredible booster for our confidence and they teach us how to understand our bodies better.

When opting for a martial art it is important to understand yourself as well the martial art in question. Every martial art is unique in its own way, and different martial arts agree with different people. However, no matter which one you choose you can’t go wrong. You will soon see yourself performing acts that you once thought were meant only for the people in the movies. To help you make the best possible choice, we have compiled a list of most effective martial arts that will help you feel safe and prepared.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga, when translated from Hebrew, means contact fighting and it is one of the most popular forms of self-defense in the world.

The martial art, created by Imi Side-Or, is used by the Israeli Defense Forces as the official defense method.

Even though there are many variations around the world, in its basic form you can learn how to disarm someone with a gun or knife, but also grappling, striking, and kicking.


Many will disagree with putting Aikido on this list. But, while some of us need to use martial arts for defending ourselves, there are people like prison guards, security detail, and police officers who have to use force all the time.

Aikido is good in that case because it cannot cause too much harm to the person you are defending against, but it can be good for restraining the opponent.

Of course, keep in mind that when it comes to Aikido, if you reach a professional level you can lock your opponent’s wrists and push them away easily, but only if your adversary is unskilled and has no other martial art in his/her sleeve.


It is only natural that Karate has found its place on this list.

Punching, kicking, blocking, and sometimes grappling are all parts of Karate, and can be very useful in self-defense.

Straight strikes, powerful punches and kicks are all benefits of this budget-friendly martial art.

Although there are those who claim this style to be very stiff in comparison to other martial arts who don’t use blocking as much, it can work wonders on your punches and kicks.


Superhero and comic books fans will live this style since it was featured as one of Batman’s main moves in Batman Begins. This Spanish street fighting style is ideal for someone who is being attacked by several opponents.


Originally from South East Asia, this dance-like self-defense style is like no other. By using energy and manipulation of balance, this martial art is designed to confuse your opponents and potentially hurt their limbs.

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Is Muay Thai the World’s Deadliest Martial Arts?


Almost every form of martial arts is considered deadly. There are countless disciplines where people use their skills and physical prowess to hurt each other. Whether it is offensive or simply in self-defense, many martial arts are considered lethal.

But which one is the most devastating?

Muay Thai is one to consider and is seen as one of the most deadly ways to take your opponent out of action. Professional Muay Thai practitioners have the ability to fight multiple opponents and can take you out in an instant.

So let’s see what makes it so devastating.

Muay Thai Origins

If you were not aware, Muay Thai is the national martial arts of Thailand. It dates back to the 18th century during the conflicts between the Burmese and the Konbaung Dynasty. Originally, it was a military way of fighting and it was used in hand to hand battles during the war between the Ayutthaya Kingdom Burmese-Siamese War.

It gradually became a spectator sport for people’s entertainment. Fights were usually held at shrines and the entire ceremony was considered as a form of a ritual. They also started holding Muay Thai fights during festivals and celebrations. People with deep knowledge of Muay Thai can also take advantage of fun88 รหัสคูปอง as today the sport is practiced almost worldwide.

The Art of Eight Limbs

What makes Muay Thai so effective is that it utilizes both punching and kicking techniques. The name itself translates as “Thai Boxing.”

Although similar to kickboxing, it is completely different as it utilizes different kicking and punching techniques and especially holding and clinching techniques.

Muay Thai is called the art of eight limbs as the fighters use both knees and elbows to deal devastating blows to their opponents. Muay Thai fights are so devastating that they rarely go to a decision as they mostly result in knockouts.

Originally, no gloves were used during fights but practitioners later started wrapping their hands in hemp. Actually there are different types of wrappings that are used today and it depends on the ruleset. For professional competitions, there is a set of special Muay Thai gloves that are used.

Muay Thai Competitions

Muay Thai is governed by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. Additionally, it is sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand and the World Professional Muaythai Federation. The federation currently has 70 member countries with their president being elected at the World Muay Thai Congress.

This prompted the sport to be included in the SportAccord with IFMA. The requirements were that the name of the sport can’t include the name of the country, so it was officially renamed to “Muaythai.”

This allowed for the sport to be officially included in the International World Games Association and was represented in 2017 at the World Games. The University World Muaythai Cup was held in Bangkok in 2015 under the patronage of the International University Sports Federation.

Muay Thai is greatly utilized in MMA as many practitioners within the UFC and other organizations use it as their primary technique or one from their set of skills.

Martial Arts

5 Free Android Apps If You Like Martial Arts


Even though you don’t quite realize it, but your smartphone saves your life on a daily basis. Well, not literally, but it does help you in many different ways. For example, with a few simple clicks, you can transform it into a mini TV and watch your favorite shows or movies. Or you can head over to Bet9ja Registration and explore all of its options. And even shop without leaving the house.

And even martial arts fans can now benefit from a few apps that can prove to be a complete game-changer. They can help you practice your martial arts and incorporate them into your daily schedule. What is more, they are free of charge.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

What can be a better app for serious martial arts fans than one filled with healthy recipes? It is universally known that the first thing you need to do when taking up a sport is improving your diet. With a better and healthier diet come better results. You will experience a boost in energy and perform better on your practices.

Interval Timer

One of the most attractive features of this app is its minimalistic design that helps you see the screen from afar.

It is perfect for interval training within a round system. Moreover, you have the option to save your presets, so you could quickly switch between different activities. It works great even if your music is on or if you are using your headphones because it can work in the background while other apps are active or if your screen is locked.

Furthermore, if you need any notification (audio or vibration) with this app you can have it.

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

There is no better way to track progress of your martial art training session then by running a diary. And instead of a pen and paper, you can now use this free app.

Check out your daily workout logs by swiping between them or simply jump to a particular day with the help of the inbuilt calendar.

What is more, you can add comments and feedback so you can remember what you did wrong and what you did right during the practice.

There is also a rest timer that can be of help in between sessions during the workout.

Martial Arts – Skill in Techniques

The ideal app for a martial art rookie. It has all the basic steps, styles, and techniques that anyone can learn. Check out the picture gallery and learn kung fu, judo, or karate.

Martial App Wallpaper

Even though this app won’t help you improve your skills, you can find a cool picture to set as your background or lock screen.

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Recreational Activities – Going Beyond the Sports


In terms of recreation, the elderly and the people leading a sedentary lifestyle are often encouraged to do some sports. However, recreational activities and sports are not the same. There is a lot of overlap between the two, as many competitive sports can be used as recreational activities, albeit with a more relaxed pace.

What Is the Difference?

A sport is a physically demanding activity that requires an individual or a team to compete against others while pushing their body and their skills to the limit for the purposes of earning money or entertainment. Granted, we find that this definition is somewhat lacking, but you get the gist.

Recreation, on the other hand, refers to everything we do for pleasure. It is something that is not work but play, in a way. You can still play football, go mountain-climbing, or use parkour to get to your favorite coffee place, but if you are not doing it to entertain anyone or to make some money, but simply for the pleasure of it or because you can, that is recreation. It is an important part of personal development and mental and physical health.

Recreational Activities That Are Not Sports

This is a wide category, so we are going to have to break it down. For the sake of simplicity, we have opted to divide these recreational activities into two groups: physically demanding and relaxed.

Physically Demanding

This is a category to which all martial artists and amateur athletes belong.

Martial arts that are not combat sports but are legitimate skills where no scores are kept are used here either for self-defense or to keep your body in top physical condition. We’ve already talked about some of the benefits of martial arts for the elderly in another piece, which you can read here.

Hiking, jogging, riding a bike, playing Frisbee in the park, and walking your dog, for example, are all activities that do require some physical exertion. This is not the level of exertion you would find on an average sports field, but it is something that gives us pleasure and keeps us healthy.

Workout programs and different practices that are not about competitive results but rather your own well-being, like yoga, pilates, and tai-chi are also physically demanding recreational activities that have nothing to do with sports.


There are many recreational activities where you don’t have to move a finger, figuratively speaking.

Hobbies like reading, fishing, playing video games (despite the existence of eSports), chess, cards, and board games have more to do with taking care of your mind, rather than your body.

Meditation is a practice in many religions and personal philosophies where you tune out the world, which helps put things in perspective. Think of it as taking a deep breath when you are stressed, but doing it properly and not trying to fit an hour of relaxation into 20 seconds.

What Does This Mean

Sports are great for your health and can be used recreationally and not just competitively. However, doing sports is not the only form of recreation that is valid. Anything that gives you pleasure and is not self-destructive (this is important) can be used as recreation. Bonus points if you can make it benefit your body and/or mind. Don’t overdo it.

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Fun Sports Activities one can Start Even as an Adult


Learning as a child is much easier than when you are an adult. This is a general rule and usually goes with every skill or practice. But it is not impossible for a full-grown adult to learn something even if they are absolute beginners during a certain point in their lives.

Sports are specifically good for an adult to start. Mainly because they are healthy and they allow you to keep fit. It does not matter if it is easy or not. The point is to start doing something as it will greatly benefit you and may even prolong your life.

But which sport should one choose? Here are some prime examples.


Skateboarding is a very fun sport. It is even being added to the upcoming Olympics as a new sport. Therefore it is the best time to try it. But skateboarding can be a bit hard for certain people. Doing tricks is the idea behind skateboarding but those can be really difficult if you are not into it as much.

So longboarding is the next best thing. You can’t perform flips or kicks with a longboard, but you can ride on it anywhere you want. It builds up your core strength, allows you to add muscles to your legs, and is generally fun.


Basketball is an international sport. To start with it you only need a ball and a good pair of shoes. There are basketball courts, inside and outside ones, almost everywhere so it has become much easier to start playing it than before.

Gather your friends and start hooping.

Full-court basketball may be a bit difficult at first as it requires more stamina. But street basketball is quite enough. You can play 3 vs 3 and get all the exercise you need. It is as competitive and great to both play and watch.


If you don’t know how to swim, it might be high time to learn. Actually it is never too late.

But if you do it is time to get those muscles to use.

Swimming is considered as the healthiest sport that you can pick up. It allows the whole body to develop naturally. That is why swimmers are probably the most good looking athletes on the planet.

Swimming pools are available everywhere today so simply start making rounds and timing your laps and in no time you will build up the conditioning you need.

Rock Climbing

Spending a day in nature is a great activity that you can do. Spending it by climbing up a hill is even better. This is a really fun activity and there is absolutely no age limit for it. You do need strong arms though and the ability to overcome a fear of heights.

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Health Benefits of Playing Sports


We hear the mantra all the time – playing sports is healthy. The problem is that most of us are quite unaware of how sports affect our health. In fact, not all sports have the same impact. Some would increase our stamina, and others would positively affect our metabolism.

However, there are some things that are universal. Let’s take a look.

A Better Heart

Overall, your heart will pump better, increasing its health and prolonging it. People who exercise and play sports generally have less heart-related diseases.

Reducing Diabetes Risk

When we are not playing sports, our body tends to be confused by the insulin spikes. As soon as we set going, the insulin hormone is balanced, thereby lowering the risk of diabetes.

You Can Lose Weight

This one goes without saying – you are likely to lose weight if you are switched on. However, food intake is also an important factor. Overall, people who casually play sports are more likely to look better and avoid obesity.

Reducing Hypertension Risk

Hypertension can be dangerous, and it can even lead to heart disease or a stroke. When you play sports, your body protects you from high blood pressure by maintaining your heart health, blood, and body fat.

Cholesterol Balance

Cholesterol is one of the main reasons why we get hypertension and other similar diseases. Playing sports lowers the levels of cholesterol and keeps us overall healthy, making all the bad cholesterol go away and leaving you with just the good one.

Blood Flows Better

Cholesterol often causes the bad blood flow which can eventually lead to a heart attack. However, when you play sports, you make your body well-oxygenated, and the blood circulation is significantly improved.

Stronger Immune System

A weak immune system means that you are more likely to get attacked by viruses and it would be more difficult for you to fight them back. A strong immune system is self-sufficient, and you do not need to go to the doctor and drink antibiotics as much – your body will take care of the viruses for you. Sportspeople are known to be very healthy and do not get sick often.

Stronger Muscles

Stronger muscles will give you the power of doing physical things with more ease. Every sport strengthens the muscles, but not all will strengthen them equally. In fact, you need to choose an appropriate sport if you want to train a particular muscle group.

Stronger Bones

Bones that have higher bone density are stronger, and sports is the #1 way to maintain the strong bones. That will keep your body agile and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Reduces Risk of Depression

Some people have constant depression, while others get depressed when things do not go their way. One thing is sure – depression can be lowered and even cured with moderate sports activity. We constantly release dopamine when we play sports, and this is what eventually makes us happy. If the sport is competitive and we win, that’s a big plus.

Better Discipline

Finally, you will start to value your time and better organize it. When we are playing sports, we are inspired by our achievements and always want to become better by devoting time and discipline to that sport. It means that other areas of our lives become more organized as well.

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Football Fans Guide to Football Stadiums in Europe


If you are a football fan, you are probably already familiar with the fact that this noble sport originated in England and quickly became #1 entertainment on the Old Continent. It soon spread worldwide, and people from every part of the Earth accepted it and fell in love with it.

However, its cradle is still Europe, and it seems that Europeans have a specific passion for it – especially when it comes to nurturing the culture that revolves around football.

Stadiums of Europe are the epicentres of the biggest football events in the world. Here are some of the most famous stadiums.

Camp Nou

Barcelona is a beautiful city with a rich history and amazing architecture. Apart from the Gaudi’s buildings, another important architectural giant is Camp Nou, home to Barcelona Football Club. It is probably the biggest stadium in Europe, and it can take a total of 99,354 spectators. If you happen to be in Barcelona during a home match of the club – feel free to visit it and feel the thrill.


Wembley is the national stadium of the English football team. However, with a slightly different history, the stadium grabs as much attention – it is the stadium on which many celebrities are doing their concerts, some of which are pretty memorable as well. The stadium can take up to 90,000 people and is one of the many stadiums that you need to visit when in London.

Stade de France

The French had their national stadium built way before the English (Wembley was built in 2007, Stade de France in 1998). The stadium was initially built for the purpose of playing the FIFA World Cup finals in 1998 on this very stadium. However, they also use it for various other purposes, including the Rugby World Cup finals.

Santiago Bernabeu

The eternal enemy of the FC Barcelona is Real Madrid, a football club coming from the capital of Spain. Their stadium is called Santiago Bernabeu, and it takes up to 81,044 spectators. It is also home to the national football team of Spain. The same goes as for Camp Nou – if you are in Madrid, this is one of the architectural wonders that you must visit.


The original name of Luzhniki is Central Lenin Stadium, and it was opened in Moscow back in 1956. At the moment, it takes up more than 80,000 spectators and was the main stadium of 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. At one point, the attendance of the game between the USSR and Italy in 1963 was more than 100,000.

San Siro

Italy also has its stadium-representative, and it is home to AC Milan from Milano. It is actually a really old venue, built back in 1925. However, Milan is not the only club to use this venue. In fact, Inter Milan also uses it for official games. When the two teams play – you are up for a great atmosphere in a duel called Derby Della Madonnina. The stadium takes up to 80,000 spectators.

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The Best Martial Arts Online Games


Martial arts are everywhere. We see them in movies and read about them in the papers. It was only a matter of time when game creators would start focusing on these ancient fighting techniques and start exploring them through various genres, especially in games.

It all started with the games that are now considered legendary, such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken. This paved the way for a lot of other sub-genres that gained worldwide popularity.

One of the sub-genres is online games that focus on martial arts. As there are many people who enjoy playing games in their browsers, especially if there are some free spins available, game producers are trying to make an online game about almost everything you can imagine. Let’s see which martial arts games are the most popular!

Dragon Ball Z Online

Dragon Ball Z is the famous Japanese manga-turned-anime created by Akira Toriyama. In this game, you can play various characters and go through the adventures that Goku went through in the anime. The game has this MMORPG feel where you can choose different classes and races as well. It was published in 2016 and immediately gained a huge number of followers.

Naruto Online

Bandai Namco Entertainment took inspiration from other anime which is as popular as DBZ – Naruto. Just like Dragon Ball, this game also features some of the popular Naruto characters and has a unique fighting system. Published by OAS Games, Naruto Online was released back in 2016, and it is made in the MMO style with the levelling and experience system.

Mortal Kombat Online

The beauty of the Internet is that we get to return to the past and play some of the games that we used to like very much. This is the case with the legendary game Mortal Kombat – you can play all of the previous versions of it via your browser acting as an emulator. Just go to this website and choose your favorite Mortal Kombat game – you will not be disappointed. Play as Sub-Zero, Raiden, Shiva, Johhny Cage, and all the legendary characters that appear in the series.

Tekken Online

Tekken is yet another legendary game that became popular through various consoles such as NES, SNES, and PS1. You can play these for free and remember the good old days when martial arts were a must feature of a great fighting game. Choose one of the famous heroes such as Yoshimitsu and fight your way through the forces of evil. The system for playing Tekken Online is the same as for Mortal Kombat – there is a website which acts as an emulator for all of these games.


Many would claim that these type of games teach us nothing but violence. That is a far cry from being true. In fact, it is how we raise our kids to perceive violence is what makes them violent. If you show them these games as an instruction to self-defence and a way to learn new moves in judo – you did a great job as a parent.

If you are not sure whether your kid should play these, you can always play them yourself since most of them are just a few clicks away and available to you for free.

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Best Games for Recreation while Traveling


Traveling long distances can become quite dull. Some of the people fall asleep immediately, while others put earphones and listen to the music the whole time. It seems that people forgot how to hang out in a car, van, or a bus.

Once upon a time, there were games that people played in this type of situation, and they made the traveling a much more enjoyable experience. And we’re not talking about online games and bets that can be made on your phone, even though there’s a Mgabet bonus or any other similar things that you have available. Take a look at this list of games that are effective when traveling.

Sure, you can play a game on your phone – but this time, the focus is only on technology-free games.

I Spy with my little eye

This is a perfect game to play in a car as it requires a lot of imagination. There are not a lot of things in a car, and it takes creativity to think of something that is difficult to notice. Do not let the driver participate in this game, as they need to focus on the road!

Who am I?

One person thinks of a person and lets others guess who that person is. The only rule is that the one who has a mysterious person in mind can only answer with yes or no. The best thing about it is that the driver can also participate without getting distracted from the road.


Zitchdog is a relatively new game, and it was inspired by an episode of the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother. The rules are simple – say “ZITCHDOG!” every time you see a dog on the road. The one with the most Zichdog points, in the end, is the winner of the game. This can also be a bit tricky for the driver. He can play, but he also needs to remain cautious and concentrate on the road.


Hangman is the game that actually requires a pen and the paper. If you ever played hangman – you probably already know the rules. Just let someone who is not the driver take notes down, and others can guess the letters.

Various card games

Finally, there are cards. If your card is comfortable enough and you do not have motion sickness, you can enjoy multiple card games such as poker, Uno, etc. Once again, this excludes the driver from the list of the players, which is a slight disadvantage to cards. However, the others can enjoy cards during the whole trip.


As you can see, traveling can be a pretty enjoyable experience, especially if you are with a group of friends who like playing games. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. Once you have these, the road trip can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

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A Short Guide to Betting on Martial Arts/Boxing


There are a lot of martial arts that you can bet on. However, only two of them are the absolute favorites among the people who enjoy sports betting – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Boxing. In fact, look at the most recent fight between the crazy Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor and the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather – can you recall a bigger hype around a boxing match?

Well, maybe the hype was bigger back in the days of Muhammad Ali, but the Internet did not exist back then. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about betting on these sports.

Many online bookmakers offer quotes on those matches so it’s always a good idea to read reviews of online bookmakers you want to try out. By investing a little time ahead you will, firstly, not rush into betting, and secondly, you will find out more information on the different options that exist, such as in this review of Borgata, and maybe also get a bonus of some kind.

Money Line

The money line is a standard bet where you get to predict which player will win the match. It is the most popular way to bet in the martial arts because the point spreads do not exist in this type of sports.


Most of the fights in martial arts are divided into rounds. Sometimes the match lasts through all the rounds, and sometimes it ends up in just one round. You get to decide in this type of bet whether it will last more or less than the proposed number of rounds (10.5 for example).

Type of Decision

There are different ways to win or lose in boxing and MMA. For example, you can knock out your opponent, or you can win by the decision of the referee. These decisions may vary a lot when it comes to other martial arts, but one thing remains – this type allows you to try and guess the type of decision that will end the match.

Various Prop Bets

There are also various proposition bets. Take a look.

Knockdowns and Disqualifiers

You can try and guess whether a player would get knocked down or disqualified in a specific round. It requires that you state both the player and the round number.


In this type of bet, you assume that the match will last through all the rounds and that the judges will make the final decision. If this is true, you get to win the money.

Special bets

Sometimes, you can bet on who will get the award of the Player of The Night, or the Fight of the Night award. That is especially present in Mixed Martial Arts.


You can also combine several types of bets and create a payslip with combined odds. This way, there is less chance to guess everything right, but the money that you win is probably going to be much bigger if you made the correct decisions.


Now that you are aware of how the basic martial arts betting works, you can try your luck (and knowledge) in some of the popular online bookmakers!