Martial Arts

A Short Guide to Betting on Martial Arts/Boxing


There are a lot of martial arts that you can bet on. However, only two of them are the absolute favorites among the people who enjoy sports betting – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Boxing. In fact, look at the most recent fight between the crazy Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor and the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather – can you recall a bigger hype around a boxing match?

Well, maybe the hype was bigger back in the days of Muhammad Ali, but the Internet did not exist back then. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about betting on these sports.

Many online bookmakers offer quotes on those matches so it’s always a good idea to read reviews of online bookmakers you want to try out. By investing a little time ahead you will, firstly, not rush into betting, and secondly, you will find out more information on the different options that exist, such as in this review of Borgata, and maybe also get a bonus of some kind.

Money Line

The money line is a standard bet where you get to predict which player will win the match. It is the most popular way to bet in the martial arts because the point spreads do not exist in this type of sports.


Most of the fights in martial arts are divided into rounds. Sometimes the match lasts through all the rounds, and sometimes it ends up in just one round. You get to decide in this type of bet whether it will last more or less than the proposed number of rounds (10.5 for example).

Type of Decision

There are different ways to win or lose in boxing and MMA. For example, you can knock out your opponent, or you can win by the decision of the referee. These decisions may vary a lot when it comes to other martial arts, but one thing remains – this type allows you to try and guess the type of decision that will end the match.

Various Prop Bets

There are also various proposition bets. Take a look.

Knockdowns and Disqualifiers

You can try and guess whether a player would get knocked down or disqualified in a specific round. It requires that you state both the player and the round number.


In this type of bet, you assume that the match will last through all the rounds and that the judges will make the final decision. If this is true, you get to win the money.

Special bets

Sometimes, you can bet on who will get the award of the Player of The Night, or the Fight of the Night award. That is especially present in Mixed Martial Arts.


You can also combine several types of bets and create a payslip with combined odds. This way, there is less chance to guess everything right, but the money that you win is probably going to be much bigger if you made the correct decisions.


Now that you are aware of how the basic martial arts betting works, you can try your luck (and knowledge) in some of the popular online bookmakers!