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Best Games for Recreation while Traveling


Traveling long distances can become quite dull. Some of the people fall asleep immediately, while others put earphones and listen to the music the whole time. It seems that people forgot how to hang out in a car, van, or a bus.

Once upon a time, there were games that people played in this type of situation, and they made the traveling a much more enjoyable experience. And we’re not talking about online games and bets that can be made on your phone, even though there’s a Mgabet bonus or any other similar things that you have available. Take a look at this list of games that are effective when traveling.

Sure, you can play a game on your phone – but this time, the focus is only on technology-free games.

I Spy with my little eye

This is a perfect game to play in a car as it requires a lot of imagination. There are not a lot of things in a car, and it takes creativity to think of something that is difficult to notice. Do not let the driver participate in this game, as they need to focus on the road!

Who am I?

One person thinks of a person and lets others guess who that person is. The only rule is that the one who has a mysterious person in mind can only answer with yes or no. The best thing about it is that the driver can also participate without getting distracted from the road.


Zitchdog is a relatively new game, and it was inspired by an episode of the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother. The rules are simple – say “ZITCHDOG!” every time you see a dog on the road. The one with the most Zichdog points, in the end, is the winner of the game. This can also be a bit tricky for the driver. He can play, but he also needs to remain cautious and concentrate on the road.


Hangman is the game that actually requires a pen and the paper. If you ever played hangman – you probably already know the rules. Just let someone who is not the driver take notes down, and others can guess the letters.

Various card games

Finally, there are cards. If your card is comfortable enough and you do not have motion sickness, you can enjoy multiple card games such as poker, Uno, etc. Once again, this excludes the driver from the list of the players, which is a slight disadvantage to cards. However, the others can enjoy cards during the whole trip.


As you can see, traveling can be a pretty enjoyable experience, especially if you are with a group of friends who like playing games. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity. Once you have these, the road trip can turn into an unforgettable adventure.