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Año / Year: Present, 2015, 2012

TAFISA afilia a la Federación Mundial de Judo

Antalya, Turquía.- La Asociación Internacional de Deportes para Todos, Tafisa, acepto de manera unánime como Miembro Internacional a la Federación Mundial de Judo.....>>>more (World)



WJF Code of Ethics Manual



I World Judo Senior Championship Open, Kata  and Teams, male and female 









The competitions will be held in accordance with the Sport and Organization Rules (SOR) and the Refereeing Rules of the  Panamerican Judo Union (PJU)






over 18 year old
1992 or before

31 to 35 Year Old

36 to 40 Year Old

41 to 45 Year Old

46 to 50 Year Old

Over 51

Super Light Weight

up to and including 55 kg

Extra light weight

over 55 up to and including 60 kg

     Half light weight

over 60 up to and including 66 kg

Light weight

over 66 up to and including 73 kg

Half middle weight

over 73 up to and including 81 kg

Middle weight

over 81 up to and including 90 kg

Half heavy weight

over 90 up to and including 100 kg

Heavy weight

over 100 kg





over 18 year old
1992 or before

31 to 35 Year Old

36 to 40 Year Old

41 to 45 Year Old

46 to 50 Year Old

Over 51

Super Light Weight

up to and including 44 kg

Extra light weight

over 44 up to and including 48 kg

     Half light weight

over 48 up to and including 52 kg

Light weight

over 52 up to and including 57 kg

Half middle weight

over 57 up to and including 63 kg

Middle weight

over 63 up to and including 70 kg

Half heavy weight

over 70 up to and including 78 kg

Heavy weight

over 78 kg


2.1 Each National Organization may enter MORE THAN ONE competitor in each of the weight categories and in the OPEN.

2.2 Competitors may only be entered in the weight category to which they belong.

2.3 In each weight division and the “open category” the participation is open.


Competitors must be of the same nationality as the National Organization, which has entered them. Proof of nationality will be required according to the Sport and Organization Rules of the PJU.


The weigh-in will be carried out in accordance with the Sport and Organization Rules of the PJU. The competitors shall weigh-in wearing only gymnastic underclothing or naked, under the supervision of a weigh-in official of the same gender; the competitors may be requested to remove their underclothing to ensure they are within the prescribed limits of the weight category in which they are entered. Only one weight control shall be permitted to each competitor up on the scale during the official weigh-in period. No tolerance shall be allowed either above or below the weight category.

4.1 The weigh-in will be under the control of the Sports and Refereeing Commissions.

4.2 Each competitor will bring to the weigh-in his or her PJU control card.

4.3 All competitors in the OPEN category must be present at the weigh-in control.


5.1 Advertising: Each National Organization must make sure that the marking and advertising placed on the Judogi is in conformity with the PJU rules. The use of a non-conforming Judogi will be prohibited.

5.2 Sizes: The measurements of the Judogi and their conformity with the PJU rules will be controlled immediately before each contest by Officials appointed by the PJU. The use of a non-conforming Judogi will be prohibited (including the collar thickness shall not excess 1 cm and the width 5 cm).

5.3 Color: Competitors will be required to bring 1 white Judogi. The Color standards for the Judogi must be in conformity with those in the Sports and Organization Rules.

6. DRAW:

6.1 The draw will be conducted in accordance with the Sport and Organization Rules of the PJU. It will be held on Saturday, November 9th at 21h00 in the Ginasio Fanor, under the control and auspices of the PJU Sports Commission.

6.2 Each National Organization must send a delegate to attend the draw; a maximum of two delegates per National Organization will be authorized. After the completion of the draw, one set of the draw lists will be provided to each delegation


7.1 Each organization can take a maximum of 4 International Referee (with the headquarters belong) to participate in this event, which must be technically prepared to direct the fighting.

7.2 Refereeing will be conducted by PJU International referees in accordance with the Refereeing Rules of the PJU.

7.3 Referees in case of any difficulties can consult the Refereeing Commission Members. Under no circumstances can competitors or their representatives consult the referees or the Refereeing Commission. Competitors or their representatives have no right to appeal the decisions, and any attempt to approach the Organizing Committee or the PJU Executive Committee in this regard, could result in their suspension or exclusion from the Championships.


The control (based on the Sport and Organization Rules of the PJU) will include:


Proof of identity, will be established by production of a passport or an official document or its copy from the country for which the competitor has been entered, and the control card will be issued to each competitor. If a competitor has more than one nationality, such competitor can only represent one country.


Each National Organization is responsible for his/her competitor (s), [the control of non pregnancy as well as gender control, is placed under the responsibility of the National Organization, and must assume all responsibility for accident and health insurance as well as the civil liabilities for their competitors and officials. The PJU and LNJ has no liability for any claims of illness, injury or death.


The duration for each contest will be: SENIOR -  FOUR (4) minutes (real time)


The system of competition will be the elimination system with double repechage, i.e. for all categories the competitors will be divided into two tables by means of a "draw", and an elimination system will be used to produce two finalists. All competitors defeated by the pool winners of A1, A2, B1 and B2 will take part in the repechage of their respective pools according to the elimination system. Their final contest will be against the loser of the final of each respective other table. The winners (2) of those contests are placed ‘third’; the losers (2) are placed ‘fifth’. The competitors, who lost their last contest during the repechage against the competitors placed ‘fifth’, will then be placed ‘seventh’.


Female contestants shall wear under the jacket either, a plain white or off white tee shirt, with short sleeves, rather strong, long enough to be worn inside the trousers, or a plain white or off-white leotard with short sleeves.

All other regulations must be adhered to.


The anti-doping control is discretionary act on the organization of the event and can be done by drawing lots or suspected doping in any athlete of any category that the organization deems necessary. The athlete during the process will be monitored by the organization's people from the time you receive your notice to reach the control station. A person of their choice (team doctor, coach, head of delegation) may accompany the competitor. The collection is made during the competition before the final block.


The organizer should provide the following documents:

Diploma and Awards: First place: Gold medal symbolizing; Second place: Silver medal symbolizing, two third places: Bronze medals symbolizing.

A certificate of participation for each participant.

Certificates will be delivered on the 11th of November (2nd Monday) after the consolidation of the results to the heads of delegation. There being no representatives they will be sent by 15th November for each respective headquarters delegations.


USD $ 100.00 One hundred U.S. dollars. RATE OF COMPETITION FOR ATHLETES.


3.1.- An inscription fees: Seventy five (75) US$ dollars per weight category and open category.
3.2.- Annual Membership Card: Twenty Five (25) US$ dollars per athlete, mandatory.



All entries for competitors must be listed on the enclosed forms and must be forwarded to both of the following addresses:

17.1. Panamerican Judo Union. (PJU)

Office: Hermanas Mirabal 28, Centro Comercial Polvorin, 2nd Floor, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic.

 WebSite: www.pju.org , www.judoforall.org

E mail: infopju@gmail.com

Phone: 809 797 7006, Fax: 809 547 3131

Movil: 809 977 9491

17.2. Organizing Committee.

Liga Nacional de Judo, LNJ. Brazil. 

Sede Administrativa:
SCLN 312 Bloco A Loja 38
Brasília / DF   CEP: 70765-510

WebSite:  www.lnj.com.br

E-mail: liganacionaldejudo@gmail.com    secretaria@lnj.com.br

MOVIL: 55 61 8505 0135

 Deadlines: october 25, 2013 for entries by number November 1st, 2013 for entries by name Enclosed: Entry forms by number Entry forms by name




1. The official addresses:

For all correspondence relative to the II International Judo Senior and Master Open Championships are the following:

1.1.- Panamerican Judo Union (PJU)

Office: Calle Hermanas Mirabal No. 28, Centro Comercial Polvorin, Estacion de Combustibles Petronan, 2do. Piso, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte,Republica Dominicana.

WebSite: WWW.pju.org

E mail: infopju@gmail.com

Phone: 809 797 7006, Fax: 809 547 3131

Movil: 809 977 9491

1.2.-  Organizing Committee.

 Liga nacional de Judo – Brasil

 Escritorio: SCLN 312 BL. A loja 38

 Brasília / DF

 CEP: 70765-510

 Site:  www.lnj.com.br


e-mail: secretaria@lnj.com.br



Each National Organization is responsible for its competitors (control pregnancy is not placed under the responsibility of national organizations, as well as control gender) and must assume all responsibility for accident and health insurance as well as liability for their competitors and officials during the championship.

The organizer of the World will not be responsible for any insurance related issues mentioned above. However, the National Organization of staging the Judo World Championships I will take all necessary measures to provide emergency medical assistance to participants under penalty of liability throughout the World Cup. The PJU and LNJ-Brazil has no liability for any claims for injury, illness or death.


3.1.- An inscription fees: Seventy five (75) US$ dollars per weight category and open category.
3.2.- Annual Membership Card: Twenty Five (25) US$ dollars per athlete, mandatory.


3.3.- Recognition of Degrees DAN: Seventy (70) US$ dollars, mandatory.


The Organizing Committee will inform the hotels that you can reserve. The price is in Reais (Brazilian Money).

Relationship of Hotels


Barrudada Palace Hotel

Av. Dioguinho, nº 3100 - Praia do Futuro – Fortaleza –Ce

+55 85  3133-0400


Distance gyn / Distancia ginásio: 2 km

4 estrelas‎

Golden Beach Hotel - Praia Do Futuro
Avenida Dioguinho, 4455- Praia do Futuro – Fortaleza – CE

+55 85 2766-1616

Distance gyn / Distancia ginásio: 3 km



·         Daily values are between $ 75.00 to $ 120.00 per night in double room simple

·         Reservations must be made with 30 to 45 days beforehand of for sure to find best rates and vacancies.

·         Food: there are various restaurants in the vicinity of the area of competition, both "a la carte" (approximate cost of U$ 15 per person – main dish alcolica not drink) and several restaurants "self-services" or "per pound" to the approximate cost of U$ 12.00/Kg


The Organizing Committee won”t gives any transportation.


The Accreditation Room will be open at Ginasio da Fanor, the Saturday November 9th, 2013 from 18h00 to 20h00. An Accreditation Card with a photograph will be issued to PJU Officials, accredited National Organizations Officials and Media. This Accreditation Card should be carried at all times.


The control of entry of the athletes will take place at Ginasio da Fanor, the Saturday November 9th, 2013 from 18h00 to 20h00. Each Head of Delegation must be present, during the control of participants, with proof of their nationality: 

- The passport

- The control card duly filled with a photograph (of each competitor) fixed on it.

8. DRAW:

The draw will be held on November 9th, 2013 from 21h00 to 22h00 at the Ginasio do Fanor, under the control and auspices of the PJU Sports Commission. Each National Organization must send a delegate to attend the draw; a maximum of 2 delegates per National Organization will be authorized.


The weigh-in will be organized at the Ginasio da Fanor (unofficial weigh-in from 15.00 to 18.00, official weigh-in from 18.00 to 20.00), November, 9 th , 2013.


Training facilities: Planning/scheduling of the training sessions will be organized taking into consideration the request made by National Organization everyday on the basis first request done first served. The training areas are situated at Ginasio da Fanor.


All National Organizations, officials, trainers and athletes participating in the II INTERNATIONAL JUDO SENIOR AND MASTER OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS and INTERNATIONAL JUDO SENIOR AND MASTER KATA MALE AND FEMALE., have to respect and accept the authority of the PJU officials, the Statutes, the Sports and Organization Rules and the Refereeing Rules of the Panamerican Judo Union related to the International Championships. According to the PJU Rules, individuals deemed to have acted against the PJU, its principles or purposes shall be subject to suspension or expulsion from the International Championships and/or cancellation of their accreditation cards.


Each National Organization has to bring for the award ceremony its official national anthem (short version) recorded on a standard CD, as well as an official national flag for hanging (1.20m x 1.80m). The competitors wearing their judogi will stand behind the podium according to the following order 2,1,3,3. Every competitor having won a medal has to attend the ceremony and receive his medal in person. If a competitor is absent during the awarding ceremony for no valid reasons he will lose the right for the medal. It is strictly forbidden for competitors on the podium to bring national flags or the similar identification other than the one represented in the regular manner on their equipment. Any demonstration of religious, political, personal or commercial sign is prohibited and so is wearing a cap or any other head cover.

male and female

Fortaleza, Ceará, CE, Brazil.
November 08th to 10th, 2013


·         Friday, November 8, 2013

Technical Meetting – 19:00 hours  in the competition venue

Referee Meetting – 20:00 hours in the Competition venue


·         Saturday, November 9,  2013:

Un Official Weighing – 14:00 to 18:00 hours in the competition venue.

Oficial Weighing - das 18:00 to 20:00 hours  in the competition venue


·         Sunday  - November 10, 2013

9:00 hours – Opening Ceremony

9:30 hours – Star Competition

The order of the categories and weight divisions will be determined by the Organizing Committee.

17:00 hours –Kata Competition



The competition will be held at Kata Nague after the close of the struggles of the day November 10.

Will be held in two categories: Senior (18-30 years) and Master (above 31 years). The age will be earned according to the age of the youngest member of the double.

The pairs may be: Male, Female and Mixed (male and female). All genres will compete in a single category, with only division between Senior and Masters.

Each participant must pay a pair of individual registration. If the competitor participates in Shiai also must pay a new enrollment.

• You will be allowed registration of the athlete in a single double



About Fortaleza:


Avenue Seaside



Praia do Futuro

The city developed on the banks of the creek Pajeú in the northeast of the country, the 2285 km of Brasilia. Its toponym is an allusion to Schoonenborch Fort, built by the Dutch during his second stay in place between 1649 and 1654. The city's motto (present in his coat) is the Latin word "Fortitudine" which in Portuguese means "strength, valor, courage." It is located in the Atlantic coast, with 34 km of beaches, at an average altitude of 21 meters and is the center of a city of 313.8 km ² and 2,500,000 inhabitants, being the capital of the most densely populated country, with 7 815.7 inhabitants / km ². It is the most populous city of Ceará, Brazil's fifth most populous and 91st

the world. The Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza has 3,700,000 inhabitants, being the sixth most populous in Brazil and the second in the Northeast. It is the northeastern city with the largest area of ​​regional influence and has the third-largest urban population in Brazil, behind São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Having the 9th largest city GDP of the nation and the largest in the Northeast, with 37.1 billion reais (Seconds latest data, 2010), is an important industrial and commercial center of Brazil, the seventh largest in purchasing power of the country. In tourism, the city reached the mark of most popular destination in Brazil in 2004, with attractions such as micareta Fortal in late July and the largest water park in Brazil, Beach Park. In 2010 it was the capital of the Northeastern sought by domestic travelers, according to a study from Hotels.com. On the national scene, the capital of Ceará occupied the 4th place, behind Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. It is the headquarters of the Banco do Nordeste, the Northeastern Railway Company, DNOCS. In 1996 the city joined the Common Market Cities.

Its airport is Pinto Martins International Airport. The BR-116, the largest in the country, begins in Fortaleza. Called Blonde bride of the sun, verses by the poet Paula Ney, the city is the birthplace of writers José de Alencar and Rachel de Queiroz, comedian Chico Anysio and former President Castello Branco. The Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture (CDMAC) is currently the main cultural area of ​​Fortaleza, with museums, theaters, cinemas, libraries and planetarium.

It is the capital of Brazil closest to Europe, with the 5608 km from Lisbon, Portugal. It is also one of the 12 venues of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the 2013 Confederations Cup.
We have beautiful and famous beaches such as Praia do Futuro, Iracema Beach, Cumbuco and Jericoacoara much but.


4.- Organizing Committee:

1.    Prof. Jaime Cassanova  – PJU President

2.    Prof. Alexandre Tozetti – LNJ- Brasil President

3.    Prof. Eduardo Costa - - SULICEJU President


5. Support Committee:

·     Antônio de Pádua – Vice President

(85) 8855-8500 – Oi

(85)  9738-3859 - Tim

·    Solange Santos Lima – Chief Financial Officer

           (85) 8860-2200



·   Panamerican Judo Union.

Address: Hermanas Mirabal Street 28, Centro Comercial Polvorín, 2nd Floor, Villa Mella, Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic.

WebSite:  www.pju.org

E-mail: infopju@gmail.com


·   LNJ - Liga nacional de Judo – Brasil

President: Alexandre Tozetti Gomes

Escritorio: SCLN 312 BL. A loja 38

Web Site www.lnj.com.br

E-mail: liganacionaldejudo@gmail.com

Secretária d Liga nacional deJudô (virtual)

e-mail: secretaria@lnj.com.br

Contato: Cândido

e-mail: alexandretozetti@etitecetiquetas.com.br

Fone: +55 61 33557400  /   +55 61 85050135


·    SULICEJU – Superliga Cearense de Judô

Presidente: Eduardo Costa


(85) 8877-3767 – Oi

(85) 9116-3767 – Claro

(85) 9699-7200 – Tim

(85) 8182-7538 - Vivo



1. - Jaime Casanova Martinez – President – Dominican Republic – jaimecasanovamartinez@gmail.com

2. - Paulo Dubois – Vicepresident - Brazil – pauloduboisdf@gmail.com

3.- Franz Menzies Jr. – Vicepresident – Belize -martialartbelize@yahoo.co.uk

4.- Paul Richards – Vicepresident - St. Lucia - paul.richards@slaspa.com

5.-  Miguel Abella – Secretary -  miguelabella@yahoo.com.ar
6.- Edgar Claure – Treasurer – eclaure@hotmail.com

7.- Carlos Diaz Valbuena – Referee Director – Venezuela – carlosadiazv@hotmail.com

8.- Alejandro Giuliano – Sports Director – Chile – senseijudochile@hotmail.com



1.- Jaime Casanova Martinez – President – Dominican Republic – worldjudofederation@gmail.com

2.- Paul G. Hoglund, First Vicepresident – Sweden – pghoglund@telia.com

3.- David Gordge – Vicepresident – Australia – david.gordge@optusnet.com.au





Judo Panamericano Celebra Día Mundial del Desafío TAFISA 2013 con masiva participación

San Pedro de Macorís, Republica Dominicana.- Diferentes instituciones hicieron acto de presencia por las calles de esta ciudad para participar masivamente en el Día Mundial del Desafió (World Challenge Day), actividad organizada por la Federación Dominicana de Deportes para Todos que preside Joaquín Albizu.

Al efecto asociaciones deportivas provinciales, empresariales, policiales, colegios, escuelas, universidades, entre otras, hicieron acto de presencia en esta actividad que nos viene por medio de la Asociación Mundial de Deportes para Todos, Tafisa.

La World Judo Federation (WJF), la Unión Panamericana de Judo (UPJ) y la Confederación Dominicana de Judo, (Condojudo), siguiendo la tradición del ultimo miércoles del mes de mayo de cada año hicieron acto de presencia.

El ingeniero Jaime Casanova Martínez en su condición de presidente de la World Judo Federation y la Unión Panamericana de Judo participo activamente durante todo el desarrollo del certamen que busca la integración de de la ciudadanía en base a la actividad física.

La World Judo Federation es Miembro Internacional de la Asociación Mundial de Deportes para Todos (The Association for International Sport for All


WJF es miembro pleno de la International Martial Arts Games Committe (IMGC)

Melbourne, Australia.- En la celebración del Congreso Ordinario de la International Martial Arts Games Committee, IMGC, la World Judo Federation, WJF, fue admitida como miembro de pleno derecho.

El Congreso Ordinario realizado en el Hotel Mantra en el marco de los V Juegos Mundiales de las Artes Marciales desarrollados en esta ciudad australiana donde atletas de la World Judo Federation vieron acción.

El presidente la IMGC el norcoreano Chang Ung  presento la moción para aceptar a la World Judo Federation como miembro de pleno derecho la que fue acogida de manera unánime por los asambleístas.

Nuestra entidad estuvo representada en la ocasión por el doctor Paul G. Hoglund, primer vicepresidente de la WJF y el director ejecutivo de la Association Kodokan Judo Australia, AKJA, Iván Zavetchanos.

El Judo junto con el Tae Kwon Do, Karate, entre otras disciplinas deportivas de artes marciales forman parte de la International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMGC).

Para la aceptación de la World Judo Federation se tuvo en cuenta la tradición, valores éticos, principios educacionales y la tradición del judo que fundó el Maestro Jigoro Kano en el 1882.

"Esta afiliación a la International Martial Arts Games Committee es otro gran paso para le World Judo Federation que se complementa con el de Miembro Internacional de The Association for Sport for All, Tafisa, lo que con seguridad va a beneficiar a los países miembros de nuestra organización en los ya cinco continentes donde tenemos representación", dijo Paul Hoglund en la entrevista que concedió al finalizar el conclave deportivo.

"El lema de Judo para Todos de la World Judo Federation ha calado en el estamento mundial del judo pues a diario nuevos e importantes afiliados forman parte de la WJF", concluyo Hoglund.
El cuadro directivo de la World Judo Federation está compuesto por Jaime Casanova Martínez, presidente, Paul Hoglund, Paulo Dubois y David Gordge, vicepresidentes.

Por su lado Bruce Bethers es el secretario general de la organización que representa el judo mundial.

La nomina la completan Carlos Díaz, Alejandro Giuliano y José Manuel García, los que fungen como directores de arbitraje, deportivo y educación, respectivamente.

9 abril 2013




Meeting World Judo Federation Executive Committee

Meeting World Judo Federation Executive Committee in Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel, Charleston, West Virginia, April 14th 2013.

Presents Jaime Casanova, president, Paul G. Hoglund, first vicepresidente and Bruce Bethers, general secretary.

Also David Gordge, vicepresident, via skype.

Steve Scott and Roger Jarrett, guests. Jovanka Díaz and Lourdes Marin, organization and translation.


Reunión del Comité Ejecutivo de la World Judo Federation (WJF) en el Hotel Holiday Inn & Suites de la ciudad de Charleston en West Virginia el 14 de abril 2013.

Estuvieron presentes Jaime Casanova Martinez, Paul G. Hoglund y Bruce Berhers, quienes son presidente, primer vicepresidente y secretario general, respectivamente.

También David Gordge, vicepresidente, via skype.

Invitados Steve Scott y Roger Jarrett, Jovanka Díaz y Lourdes Marín, colaboraron con la organización y la traducción.


Un Éxito Total la Realización del 2013 US Open Championships

Charleston, West Virginia, Estados Unidos.- La Traditional Kodokan Judo Federation de los Estados Unidos (TKJ) que preside Bruce Bethers presento el  2013 US Open International Traditional Kodokan Judo Championships en el St. Albans High School de esta ciudad.

La actividad conto con el aval de la World Judo Federation que preside Jaime Casanova Martínez quien estuvo presente en la justa competitiva conjuntamente con Paul Hoglund, primer vicepresidente.

Intensos combates en tres áreas de competición fue la nota del largo día de la presentación atlética la que se vio colmada de un numeroso público de esta ciudad y acompañantes de los competidores infantiles, juveniles y adultos.





En Campo Grande judoka Ianka Rocha gana de su padre un centro de formación para capacitar a los nuevos campeones

Si te caes, levántate. La regla es simple. ¿Lo entiendes? No? Entonces es el momento de prestar atención a la clase de judo de Ianka Rocha, la mas nueva instructora de judo de la Zona Oeste que acaba de ganar  a su padre un centro de formación interino para. El sitio funciona en Campo Grande con el tiempo de argentina que marca el comienzo y el final de la formación, además de un silbato de los Estados Unidos, que suena cada cambio de tarea.

- Yo estaba muy feliz. Aquí les enseño el judo y lucha libre. Enseñar a los estudiantes todo lo que aprendí - cuenta Ianka, cinco veces campeón de La Liga Nacional de Judo de Brasil, entre muchos otros títulos.

A los 16 años, enseña las técnicas de este deporte en el Centro de Entrenamiento Ianka Roca, como fue bautizado el espacio de 110 metros cuadrados, abrió sus puertas hace un mes, en el tercer piso de un edifício comercial en la Avenida de Melo Cesario.

- He vendido una casa de três plantas para construir El centro de formación. El espacio es una forma de invertir en él - justifica el padre de Ianka Rocha.

Hay 40 alumnos matriculados - algunos no pagan nada - gracias.

Entre los logros, el campeonato del mundo

Los alumnos de Formación Centro Ianka Rocha aprender incluso los estafadores durante las clases. Tanto el judoka, que da nombre a la escuela, ya que su padre, Irenil Rocha, cinturón negro de karate y profesor de boxeo.

- Es simple: para ser un buen estudiante en el judo hay que aprender a caer. El que surge está cayendo - enseña Ianka Rocha.

De palabras del Maestro! ¿Por qué? Basta con mirar las paredes, llenas de trofeos. Y para el cuello de Ianka, relucientes medallas. Entre los títulos en judo ganó el campeonato del mundo en 2011, y el campeonato Panamericano, que ganó en 2010/2011.

Venció en la lucha libre. Con tan sólo cuatro meses practicando este deporte, Ianka fue campeón estatal en el deporte, su padre esta muy orgulloso.

- Hubo un tiempo cuando el tren Ianka con un amigo y después de la escuela, la llevó a la Praça Guilherme da Silveira, en Bangu, para entrenar con ella - dice el padre





Dear  Friends

G.S. IRAKLIS  of Thessaloniki and K.E.TH.E.A. ITHAKI organize with the cooperation of WJF TO the international judo turnament JUDO ITHAKI 2013- MATSUURA CUP.

The event will take place in the city of Thessaloniki  on Sunday the 30th of June 2013  at the IVANOFIO GYMNASIUM.


Men: 60kg-66kg-73kg-81kg-90kg-100kg, and 100+
Women :
48kg-52kg-57kg-63kg-70kg-78kg,and 78+


Open categorie

age 40-45
age 45-50
age 50+.

The organizing comitiee will provide  accomodations for three(3) nights to the teams from Japan, Australia and the other countries.


Friday 28-06-2013

Arrival of the teams in Thessaloniki

Saturday 29-06-2013

Training of the teams at Ivanofio Gymnasium


Sunday  30-06-2013

10:00 am: Opening ceremony

10:30 am: Start of the tournament

Thessaloniki 12-04-2013

With kind regards

                    Christos Vettas                                          Theodore Vazakas
The president of the Ithaci 2013-Matsuura cup                 G.S. Iraklis represented by v.p.


Flame lit in Pyongyang for 5th International Martial Art Games (IMG)

On 3rd April 2013 the torch lighting ceremony took place in Pyongyang, DPR Korea, home of the martial arts movement.

The ceremony was attended by many citizens of the Korean capital. Mr. Ri Jong Gun, the secretary general of the International Martial Games Committee (IMGC), Mr. Kim Kyong Ho,
chairman of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee, and Dr. Fritz Wendland, Founding President of the WKC and Vice-President of the IMGC, addressed the citizens and the martial artists who assembled.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Li Zong Lin (China), chairman of the International Martial Art Foundation (IMAF) and Executive Board member of the IMGC and Mr. O Nam Il from the IMGC Headquarters and several diplomats accredited in Pyongyang.

The flag of the world judo federation was part of the ceremonial lighting of the torch.

After the torch was lit three young Taekwon-Do athletes carried it through the streets of the Korean capital applauded by many spectators.
The torch will be brought to Australia and its flame will lighten the sky at the opening ceremony of the 5th IMG in Melbourne, Australia on 10th May 2013.


Encendido de la Antorcha de los 5 º Juegos Internacionales de Artes Marciales (IMG) en Pyongyang.

La ceremonia de encendido de la antorcha tuvo lugar el 3 de abril 2013, en Pyongyang, la RPD de Corea, sede del movimiento de Artes Marciales.
La ceremonia contó con la presencia de muchos ciudadanos de la capital coreana.

El Sr. Ri Jong Gun, secretario general del Comité Internacional de los Juegos de Artes Marciales (IMGC), el Sr. Kim Kyong Ho, presidente del Comité de Corea del Taekwon-Do, y el Dr. Fritz Wendland, presidente fundador de la World Karate Confederation (WKC) y Vicepresidente de la IMGC, quien se dirigió a los ciudadanos y los artistas marciales que se reunieron.

A la ceremonia también asistieron el Sr. Li Zong Lin (China), presidente de la Fundación Internacional de Artes Marciales (IMAF) y miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo de la IMGC y el Sr. O Nam Il de la sede IMGC y varios diplomáticos acreditados en Pyongyang.

La bandera de la World Judo Federation fue parte de la ceremonia de encendido de la antorcha.

Después de encendida la antorcha tres jóvenes atletas de Taekwon-Do caminaron a través de las calles de la capital de Corea siendo aplaudidos por muchos espectadores.

La antorcha será llevada a Australia y su llama iluminará el cielo en la Ceremonia de Inauguración de la quinta versión de los IMG en Melbourne, Australia, el 10 de mayo de 2013.





08 de marzo 2013.
Santo Domingo.
República Dominicana.


Distinguidas Todas:

El Comité Ejecutivo de la Federación Mundial de JUDO, (FMJ), expresa su más profundo y sincero reconocimiento a la expresión femenina del Judo mundial en este Día Internacional de la Mujer.

Nada más merecido que dedicar esta fecha a la excelente participación de la mujer Judoka de todos los países del mundo  desde que el Judo inicio su accionar en el contexto mundial.

Muchas meritorias y destacadas atletas guardan su nombre en el libro de record del judo mundial como máximas exponentes de una disciplina que ha dado relieve al deporte nuestro grandioso deporte.

Reciban todas la mayor de las felicitaciones en este día de días.

Sinceramente a nombre del Comité Ejecutivo de la Federación Mundial de Judo,

Jaime Casanova Martínez





Nota de Prensa - Nota de Prensa - Nota de Prensa - Nota de Prensa


Santo Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana.- Al momento de protocolarizar la World Judo Federation, WJF, en su Congreso Constitutivo el pasado 26 de agosto 2011 en la ciudad de Río de Janeiro, Brasil, los fundadores de esta entidad deportiva a nivel internacional nunca pensaron que la misma seria revestida de un éxito tan notable como el que disfrutan en la actualidad.


Posteriormente el 11 de noviembre 2011 lograron la afiliación en Antalya, Turquía, a la Asociación Internacional de Deportes para Todos, Tafisa, en el Congreso Ordinario como Miembro Internacional para de esta forma asumir la filosofía de Deportes Para Todos!

La entidad federada a nivel mundial cuenta en la actualidad con una gran cantidad de países afiliados en África, Asia, Europa, Oceanía y América lo que le augura un verdadero desarrollo pleno en los cinco continentes.


Durante el 2012 varias han sido las actividades efectuadas lo que le ha dado a la organización la oportunidad de darse a conocer y difundirse en el contexto internacional bajo la premisa del judo tradicional y el lema de Judo Para Todos!


Para el 30 de mayo celebramos el Día Mundial del Desafío en la ciudad de San Pedro de Macorís en la Republica Dominicana como una actividad que nos viene de Tafisa.

La Federación Inglesa de Judo para Todos que preside Mike Akbari presento el I Shochugeiko del 3 al 5 de junio en la ciudad de Londres con la participación de varios países europeos y la presencia de Paul Hoglund y Bruce Bethers quienes son primer vicepresidente y secretario general de la World Judo Federation, respectivamente. El evento fue dirigido por el Maestro Sampson Samspon, Sexto Grado, quien es un verdadero experto con reconocimiento internacional.


Los V Juegos Mundiales Deportes para Todos de Tafisa tuvieron su sede en Siauliai, Lituania del 7 al 12 de julio donde la World Judo Federation participo con atletas pertenecientes a Italia, India y Republica Dominicana, entre otros. Fue una excelente participación de Judo Para Todos en este evento internacional que reunió a más de 50 países donde nuestra entidad estuvo representada por su presidente y primer vicepresidente los señores Jaime Casanova y Paul Hoglund, respectivamente.


El I Campeonato Mundial de Judo Juvenil y Junior Abierto, Kata y Equipo, femenino y masculino, correspondió a la ciudad de Brasilia, Brasil 23 al 27 agosto, organizado por la Liga Nacional de Judo que preside el profesor Alexandre Tozetti.


En el marco del referido evento se realizo la reunión del Comité Director tratándose una amplia agenda en beneficio del judo mundial.


El Campeonato Abierto de Alemania estuvo localizado en la ciudad de Essen el 29 septiembre organizado por la Federación Alemana de Judo que preside el Maestro Stephan Leifeld.


En la oportunidad participaron representaciones de Holanda, Bélgica, Francia, Escocia, Argelia, Canadá y Estados Unidos, entre otros países, bajo el lema de Judo para Todos.


Del 26 al 29 de octubre en la ciudad de Jesi, Ancona, Italia, fueron celebrados los 152 años del nacimiento del Maestro Jigoro Kano, fundador del Judo en 1882 y 130 de la fundación del Kodokan, evento organizado por la Federación Italiana de Judo Tradicional que preside Alfredo Vismara. En el certamen fueron realizados cursos, entrenamientos y competiciones bajo la tutoría de Alfredo y Giuseppe Vismara, ambos italianos, novenos grados, así mismo, Christos Papailiopoulos, griego, octavo grado y Sampson Samspon, ingles, sexto grado.


En la oportunidad los representantes europeos se reunieron en la ocasión para dar nueva vida a las viejas tradiciones de Judo del Kodokan. Esto es un gran intento de recuperar los valores originales de Judo, donde diecinueve altos grados Dan de Italia y el Reino Unido, entre otros, dirigidos por Alfredo Vismara y Sampson Sampson, se dieron cita y quienes buscan eliminar los factores que convierten a esta disciplina como poco más que la lucha libre con trajes blancos.  


Del 7 al 12 de noviembre nuestro vicepresidente Paul Hoglund, represento a la World Judo Federation en el Festival Internacional Deportivo de Punjab, Lahore en Pakistán.


El pasado 25 de noviembre una representación de la World Judo Federation encabezada por el Vicepresidente y Presidente de la Federación de Judo de Oceanía, David Gordge, participo en el 18th. 2012 Osaka International Goodwill Judo Tournament en la legendaria ciudad de Osaka, Japón.


La última actividad de este 2012 fue del 7 al 9 de diciembre cuando en Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana se desarrollo IX Campeonato Internacional de Judo Master Abierto; Shiai, Kata y Equipo; femenino y masculino con la participación de Brasil, Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Camerún, Estados Unidos y Canadá, entre otros. La actividad estuvo organizada por la Confederación Dominicana de Judo, Condojudo, cuyo vicepresidente es el licenciado José Rafael Suárez Morales.


El Comité Ejecutivo de la World Judo Federation cuenta con la presidencia del dominicano Jaime Casanova y que además completan Paul Hoglund de Suecia, Primer Vicepresidente y Presidente de la Federación Europea de Judo; David Gordge de Nueva Zelanda, Vicepresidente y Presidente de la Federación de Judo de Oceanía; Paulo Dubois, brasileño, Vicepresidente-Tesorero y Presidente de la Federación Americana de Judo; Carlos Díaz, venezolano, Director Técnico de Arbitraje; Alejandro Giuliano, chileno, Director Técnico Deportivo y José Manuel García García, español, Director Técnico de Educación y Difusión.


"Para el 2013 la World Judo Federation tiene un amplio Programa de Actividades en beneficio de sus afiliados bajo la supervisión de su cuerpo técnico lo que incrementara la cantidad de países miembros y atletas en las competiciones" dijo el presidente Jaime Casanova Martínez.

 "Es reconfortante el trabajo realizado por el Comité Ejecutivo lo que ha permitido una verdadera expansión de la World Judo Federation", concluyo Casanova Martínez."


WJF 2013 Calendar / FMJ Calendario 2013

1.- Meeting Commissions and Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation, April 12th, 2013,West Virginia, United States of America.

Reunión de Comisiones y Comité Ejecutivo de la World Judo Federation, 12 abril 2013, West Virginia, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Bruce Bethers: brucebethers@gmail.com

2.- "US Open" International Traditional Kodokan Judo Championships, West Virginia, United States of America. April 13th - 14th 2013.

Campeonato Internacional  de Judo Tradicional del Kodokan, West Virginia, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica del 13 al 14 abril 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Bruce Bethers: wjf.secretarygeneral@gmail.com

3.- TAFISA World Challenge Day, May 2013

Día Mundial del Desafío TAFISA, mayo 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Tafisa: www.tafisa.net

4.-3rd. CSIT World Sports Games, June 2th - 9th, 2013,  Varna, Bulgaria.

III Juegos Deportivos Mundiales CSIT, 2 al 9 de junio, 2013, Varna, Bulgaria.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com

5.- German Open Judo Tournament, Essen, Germany, June 8th, 2013.

Torneo Abierto Judo Alemania, Essen, Alemania, 8 junio 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Stephan Leifeld,   stephan.leifeld@freenet.de

6.- International Judo Tournament Ithaki 2013 Matsuura Cup, Thessaloniki, Grecia, June 30th, 2013

Torneo Internacional de Judo Ithaki 2013 Copa Matsuura, Thessaloniki, Grecia, junio  30, 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Ageris Maistrellis: agerisjudo@yahoo.gr

7.- 2013 II World Judo Senior Open Championships; Shiai, Kata and Team; female and Male, TBD

II Campeonato Mundial de Judo Senior Abierto 2013, Shiai, Kata y Equipos; masculino y femenino, a decidir.

Contact/Contacto:Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com

8.- 2013 TAFISA World Walking Day, first weekend in October

Día Mundial de la Caminata TAFISA 2013, primer fin de semana de octubre.

Contact/Contacto: Tafisa: www.tafisa.net

9.- 23rd. Tafisa World Congress, 23-27 October 2013, Enschede, Netherlands

XIII Congreso Mundial de Tafisa, 23 al 27 de octubre 2013, Enschede, Holanda.

Contact/Contacto: Paul G. Hoglund: pghoglund@telia.com

10. - III Jigoro Kano World Day, October 28th, 2013

III Día Mundial de Jigoro Kano, 28 de octubre 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Jaime Casanova: worldjudofederation@gmail.com , information@worldjudofederation.org

11.- 2013 International Judo Master Open Tournament, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. December 7th - 8th,  2013

Torneo Internacional de Judo Master Abierto, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, 7 y 8 diciembre 2013.

Contact/Contacto: Mr. Jaime  Casanova: jaimecasanovamartinez@gmail.com






Invitation, Program And Technical Condition Download


IMGC afilia a la Federación Mundial de Judo




On August 26, 2011, between 1700 hrs and 1900 hrs, in Niteroi-RJ, Brazil, the Founding Congress of the World Judo














                                     WORLD JUDO FEDERATION

It is imminent the creation of a new ruling entity of world judo, which will be formed, initially, by several national federations who are not satisfied with the actions of the International Judo Federation.
For the composition of this World Judo Federation, name of the newborn organization, the creators have the support of several countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and America.
This actions are held in consequence of the disagreements with the International Judo Federation for the changes included in the Olympic classification system, changes in the repechage system, the non recognition of the decisions made by the Court of Arbitration of Sports, disrespect of the decisions made by the Continental Unions, the approval of a new antidemocratic statute, which ignores the Court of Arbitration of Sports, among other situations without leaving aside the personal history of Mr. Marius Vizer which in any way benefits world judo.
Moreover, the violations of the former statute of the International Judo Federation were clear when illegally Mr. Marius Vizer extended his ruling period in front of this organization from 2 to six years without carrying out the necessary electoral process and the pointing out of a group of people for the Executive Committee.
The organizers of the new organization who expects to rule world judo also justify their actions on the arrogant and dictatorial attitude held by the president of the International Judo Federation Mr. Marius Vizer.  
By promoting the establishment of this new organization the ruling Committee plans to hold World senior, juvenile and infantile Championships, as well as, preparing Masters and other training and administrative activities, among other activities in benefit of world judo.
They base their organization of the total unification of several trends of world judo where federations taking part of this organization have the ability of rescuing the dissident groups of national entities.
The project is to unite all the world judo community in a democratic and developing way without exclusion and in a general way for which we will search for the recognition of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the General Association of International Sports Federations (AGFIS), among other organizations with a futuristic vision of this sport worldwide.
It will maintain the essence of judo according to what Master Jigoro Kano stated in its establishment in the year 1882 without leaving aside the fact that modern times demand the participation of multidisciplinary groups in order to guarantee the future of the athletes as the main body for the making of the project.
The declarations where given by the spokesperson of this new world organization assuring that the Executive Committee of the World Judo Federation will be formed by recognized personalities of this sport worldwide.
March 27th, 2009.-

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